Musings and reflections on contemporary and not-so-contemporary psychoanalysis.

Episode 52: A Report from New York and on Institute Life During the Pandemic with David Frank, MD. Source:
Here is the latest postgraduate society bulletin.
Since its inception in 1949, our Institute (now the Institute at PANY) has asked psychoanalytic candidate trainees to meet with their patients four to five times weekly. This frequency requirement has been reconsidered in recent years – within our organization, throughout the United States (the American Psychoanalytic Association [APsaA], American ...
​Martin Blum, M.D., who died at age 81 in December 2013, was a psychoanalyst on the faculty of the Institute at the Psychoanalytic Association of New York (PANY). He was a highly sophisticated thinker on analytic subjects whose deep intellect was not known to the wider field psychoanalysis. Martin managed to defeat, in my opinion, efforts made by m...
 2013 Interview of Professor Mark Solms, Neuropsychologist, Psychoanalyst, and Research Chair of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) provided with permission of Dr. Solms and of the IPA.Dr. Solms answers questions about a variety of psychoanalytic topics, including what analysis does for patients, the relationship between p...

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