Meet our Training and/or Supervising Analysts below.

Training and/or Supervising Analysts

Harold Blum, MD

Richard Cornfield, MD

Joseph Cronin, LCSW (SA)

Barbara Deutsch, MD

Seth Eichler, MD

Charles Entelis, MD
Anne Erreich, PhD

David Frank, MD 

Rajiv Gulati, MD

Dennis Haseley, LCSW

Samuel Herschkowitz, MD

M. Nasir Ilahi, LLM

Theodore Jacobs, MD+

Claudia Lament, PhD

Kathleen Lyon, MD

Daniel Papernik, MD

M. Carmela Perez, PhD

Milagros Picon, MD

Dionne Powell, MD

Arden Rothstein, PhD

Jacqueline Schachter, PhD

Melvyn Schoenfeld, MD

Harvey Schwartz, MD

Michael Singer, DO

Malini Singh, PhD

Jack Solomon, MD

Jennifer Stuart, PhD
Kerry Sulkowicz, MD

Douglas Van der Heide, MD
Sara A. Vogel, MD

Jed Yalof, PsyD



+ Child Psychoanalytic Supervisor



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